Management Training

Manager Training System
Profiles International offers an innovative manager training system through our exclusive Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback System. The program combines direct feedback by direct reports, peers, supervisors, as well as customers, with a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. By starting from the real experiences of the people around the leader we can identify and capture both the leader’s strengths as well as areas that require development.

Profiles International technology makes deploying the 360 degree feedback survey very easy. Managers and the people who they interact with the most participate in a brief online survey. Then a powerful, full color report is created showing areas of alignment as well as gaps in effectiveness. This report provides tangible information to help the manager, as well as the organization, improve. From that point, managers are able to participate in an individualized Skill builder manager training series to build on the areas identified through the Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback System.