Succession Planning:

Succession planning, career development, talent redistribution, acquisitions and restructurings are all challenging from a personnel perspective. “Who” fits “where” is difficult to determine and is often based upon skill set only, with little regard for personality fit, cultural fit or capabilities.

The ProfileXT Succession Planning Report can be used to make these determinations based upon an individual’s “fit” relative to abilities, personality and interests.

The ProfileXT assessment enables you to measure the top performers in each position within the organization. By assessing these top performers, a Job Match Pattern for each position that quantifies the abilities, personalities and interests of the top performers can be constructed. After Patterns are constructed, an individual can be compared to multiple positions to determine the best fit. The option can be reversed, so that a Pattern can be selected and the entire the database of individuals can be searched to determine the best fitting candidates.

Succession Planning Report
Allows the matching of one individual to several Job Match Patterns. This facilitates an understanding of where the best job fit might be expected.
Candidate Matching Report
Allows the simultaneous matching of one job match pattern to several candidates for the position (up to 100 candidates at a time).

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