Employee Background Check
Negligent Hiring: Those two words have been devastating to many businesses – and they could cost you millions of dollars. Negligent hiring is the failure to check the backgrounds of job applicants before you hire them.

When a pizza deliveryman raped a customer, a jury awarded the victim $6 million of the parent company’s money. The firm had failed to do a background check which might have disclosed the man’s previous sex-offense record.

A trucking company was ordered to compensate a family when several family members were injured in an accident caused by one of its drivers. The amount awarded was many times what it would have been had the company checked the driver’s record before hiring him.

Every day people with criminal records, falsified educational credentials, and other serious liabilities are hired by companies who fail to thoroughly check their backgrounds. The result can be acts leading to expensive negligent hiring lawsuits.

Knowing the backgrounds of the people you hire is absolutely essential because a business can be held liable for accidents and crimes committed by its employees. To protect your company and minimize risk, get reliable background information about everyone you consider for employment.

Employee Background Check minimizes these problems with its services. You can verify the accuracy and/or completeness of information provided by job applicants — before hiring and training — and thus reduce the costs incurred by high turnover and reduce your risk of liability.

Employee Background Check Services

  • General Information Reports
  • Driving Record Reports
  • Workers’ Compensation Reports
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal History Reports
  • Education Verification Reports
  • In-Depth Reports
  • Rush Services
  • Custom Service